• Strategic, innovative, consumer-focused marketing campaigns
  • Creating and generating consumer demand
  • Value driven programs
  • World class graphic design

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“If you want to be distinctive, discover what
your customers really want and need,
your competition, explore opportunities
within your industry, create a demand via attractive offers and deliver what you promise”.

Trade Relations

We build and establish a continuing and cooperative relationship between American growers and exporters and Philippine importers, wholesalers and retailers, and between manufacturers and their network of distributors.


Wholesale and Retail Market Development

We develop and execute market development activities through the use of account specific promotional campaigns and activities.


Trade Events Management

We assist our clients in identifying and evaluating Trade Show opportunities. We also provide logistical and operations support in the set-up and operations of Clients’ trade show booths.


Trade Communications

We provide the Trade with regular mailings and information on Clients’ products, e.g., crop and variety updates, new products, volume opportunities, packaging, and other related new developments.


Consumer Relations, Promotions,
and Communications

We develop and execute consumer relations, promotions, and communications programs that are both strategic and innovative.


Marketing Plan and Budget Preparation

We develop and recommend a marketing plan and budget customized to Clients’ needs and goals.


Evaluation and Report Preparation

We provide our Clients with regular progress reports, activity and project status reports. Upon completion of an activity or marketing year, we provide objective evaluation and assessment of marketing efforts in line with the marketing plans’ performance measures and activity goals.  When necessary, we recommend and manage consumer and trade research activities as aids for planning for future activities.

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