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California Grapes Health Station
  • For six years in a row, we actively marketed and communicated the health benefits of eating fresh California Grapes. One way of achieving this was to mount a Public Relations Event that created an association of California grapes with living a healthy lifestyle, thus the California Grapes Health Station was born.

  • The Health Station is a health and fitness fair that is conducted in six high traffic malls in Metro Manila during the months of August to October.

  • The objective was to provide free health check-ups to consumers with the purchase of at least one kilogram of California grapes.

  • Product sampling and selling are conducted within the booth premises.

  • Additionally, a consumer information and interactive kiosk is set-up in the booth, where consumers learn about California grapes and its health benefits and pointers on achieving good health.
Washington Apples As American as Apple Pie
  • To promote the many other varieties of Washington Apples and increase its consumption, we launched an apple pie baking contest at one high-traffic high-end mall.

  • The event was picked-up by TV and print media and generated media exposure increasing awareness and encouraging the use of Washington apples in commercial bakeshops and at home.

California Grapescapade Culinary Treasure Hunt

  • To promote the heart-health benefits of eating fresh California grapes as well as its many varieties and other uses, the California Grapescapade Culinary Treasure Hunt was launched, with culinary students as the targeted participants.

  • The event was of two parts. For the first part or the qualifying round, the participants were made to overcome a series of physical challenges with the top three teams advancing to the next round.

  • The second part is a culinary challenge where the finalists are asked to come up with a recipe and prepare a main dish using at least three varieties of fresh California grapes within the given time frame.

  • The event generated media advertising values exceeding $900,000 while spending just about $25,000.

California Grapes Trade Incentive Programs

  • To increase early season importation of fresh California grapes, an importer incentive contest is launched from May to September where three winners get an all-expense paid to the PMA International Convention and Exposition.

  • Importers who bring in the most number of containers of fresh California grapes in excess of the required volume win the prize.

  • Those who fail to meet the required volume for the automatic slot but meets the minimum volume gets a raffle coupon for every 5 containers of fresh California grapes.

  • The free trip to the PMA is a welcome treat for the importers as they get to meet with their suppliers and get to know the latest products and packaging innovations.

  • To minimize the presence of cheaper grapes from China, a wet market mystery shopper promo is implemented when Chinese grapes are available.

  • Fruit stalls displaying the minimum required number of CTGC POS materials and are pushing for fresh California grapes are awarded with premium items and raffle coupons.

  • Fruit stalls only fresh California grapes and no other competitive grapes are given premium items of a higher value and more raffle coupons.
Trade Shows
Washington Apples
  • The Philippines is a Red Delicious apple market. To promote and increase awareness for the other apple varieties produced in Washington State, we participate in consumer and trade shows to let consumers be aware of and taste the different varieties.

USA Rice Federation

  • We represented the USA Rice Federation at the International Rice Festival held at the World Trade Center, Manila.

Retail Trade Training Seminars

  • There is a high turnover of produce department personnel and varying levels of storage facility.

  • Therefore, there is a need to continually educate the trade about the storage and handling requirements of Washington Apples and California Grapes, merchandising techniques, and other selling points.

  • A series of free care and handling seminars are regularly conducted for both the supermarket produce personnel and wet market fruit stall owners. The seminars are either industry-wide held in a hotel or public venue, or in-store, targeting the retailer’s produce’ personnel.

  • Care and handling training kits, brochures and other seminar materials are produced and distributed to the seminar participants. The same materials are likewise distributed to those who are not able to attend the seminars, but would likewise benefit from the materials.
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